From Our Captain OneFF (2019-2022)

Hello! This is my last speech as Captain OneFF before I officially hand over to Wanyi. I am happy to be passing on this baton, but also sad that I am leaving this post after close to 4 years.

I can still remember the day the EXCO and Coach Jaime told me that I was selected to be the Captain. I had the same reaction as Claudia, “What? Seriously?” I had mixed feelings- really shocked, happy, scared and in disbelief.  It was my first time being a captain. To me, captains are those who can deliver motivation speeches on the spot (like in movies) and many would know I suck at speeches. I am not a natural when it comes to giving impromptu speeches. I need time to prepare myself.

So at first, I felt scared and as a first time captain, I was unsure if I could do the job well because being a captain is not like getting a new job. There is no clear job description. But slowly, I came to realise that being a captain is more than giving motivation speeches. It is about being present for the people, bringing the people together and being a role model for them. It is really about the little things; even those that people do not see.

I am thankful to the EXCO and coaches. They were super encouraging. They gave me their blessing and support. One thing I remember clearly that was said to me 4 years ago, which gave me strength and confidence to accept the role went along the lines of “You’re what the club needs right now.

Well, I might not be a captain who can deliver speeches on the spot but I hope that through my little actions, I managed to keep the team bonded and motivated along the way. And I hope that in one way or another, I have touched every one of your lives during my service.

Again, I thank every one of you for placing your trust in me to carry out this heavy responsibility. I want to thank and express my gratitude to everyone who has been a part of my journey. Every drop in the ocean counts.

I will never forget those who helped me in sailing through difficulties. Thank you.

If there’s anything or in anyway that I overlooked or not done well, please forgive me!

Thank you again, for giving me this chance to be your Capitan for the past 4 years.

Now, it is time to hand over this baton. To the new Captain n vice Captain, lead the team in your unique way. There is a reason why you have been chosen by the people this season. Believe in yourself. You are both very responsible people and we are very fang xin to entrust the team in your hands. To our Captain and especially our vice Captain, please know that you have everyone’s support. You can also check in with the EXCO when you need help. Do not worry. We have someone responsible for every key function of the team so your job will not be so overwhelming. And the team is very cooperative most of the time, so gambateh!

And to my teammates, do co-operate and give your full support to the Captain y’all have voted for. Do not give her a headache and a hard time, especially during the league and do update your attendance on time.

Lastly, I am still the social media person for the team! If you have interest in working on jerseys, Instagram posts etc., please hit me up! I welcome new ideas and a pair of helping hands.

Now, this is the last thing I would like to do as Captain OneFF before I step now. I would like to present each and every one a little token of appreciation, from me to you, to thank you for joining the team, staying with the team, and walking this journey with the team during my service.

Thank you, everyone.