Indemnity Form

By agreeing, you are providing your waiver and consent as set out below.

1.	In consideration of the services and facilities offered and/or provided by FFANDALL Pte Ltd, its employees, directors and agents, and all other persons or entities acting in any capacity on behalf thereof (collectively, “FFANDALL”) from 2020 to 2021, I hereby acknowledge and agree to the following terms of this document (“Waiver and Consent”):

2.	I, the individual listed above, have attained 18 years of age, and am accepting and agreeing to this Waiver and Consent on behalf of myself and on behalf of the listed participants under the age of 18 ("minors") as their parent, legal guardian, custodian, or other duly authorised agent.
3.	In relation to the minors listed (if any) under my care, I represent and warrant that I have full capacity, authority and power to accept the terms of this Waiver and Consent on their behalf in my charge as their parent, legal guardian, custodian or other duly authorised agent.

4.	FFANDALL is the supplier of sporting services and facilities including activities (not limited to any training classes, instructions and/or courses).
5.	I acknowledge and understand that sports including floorball is a physical contact sport that involves the risk of injury. FFANDALL has taken all reasonable measures to ensure that the services comply with industry safety standards. I will voluntarily accept and assume all risks that may result from the use or misuse of FFANDALL services and participation in FFANDALL activities including the use of equipment that may malfunction or break, and have explained these risks to the listed minors.

6.	To the fullest extent permitted by law, I hereby expressly agree to waive, discharge, release and covenant not to sue FFANDALL from any and all claims, demands, causes of action, obligations, rights, judgments, damages, debts, fees, expenses (including fees of legal representative(s)), losses and liabilities of any kind whatsoever, that I may have against FFANDALL arising out of, or in any way related to my participation in FFANDALL Activities in respect of:
7.	any personal injury or death in any way whatsoever caused by or relating to my participation in such activities howsoever caused, save and to the extent found to be directly caused by FFANDALL's negligence; and
8.	any other loss or damage (including any property damage), howsoever caused, incurred by me or other participants at FFANDALL Activities or using FFANDALL Facilities.

9.	I agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless against any and all losses, claims (including any claim brought by or on behalf of a minor my your charge against FFANDALL), proceedings, damages, actions, judgments, liabilities (whether joint or several), costs (including legal fees), expenses, or settlements, that are incurred by FFANDALL, arising out of or related to:
10.	my own breach or non-compliance with the Terms and Conditions, rules and policies of FFANDALL;
11.	my own negligence, omission, act, conduct or behaviour whilst participating in FFANDALL Activities or using FFANDALL Facilities or equipment (including but not limited to any breach of my duty of care to supervise the minors under my charge);
12.	any bodily injury, death of any person, or damage to real or tangible personal property caused by my own negligence, omission, act, conduct or behaviour; or
13.	my failure to comply with any applicable laws or regulations whilst participating in FFANDALL Activities or using FFANDALL Facilities or equipment.

14.	I certify that I and the listed minors are, as at the date of this Waiver, in good health and physical condition and free from any medical conditions which may affect or preclude any of us from safely participating in any activities.
15.	I understand that for safety reasons, I should seek medical advice if in doubt.

16.	I hereby consent to images and videos being taken of me and/or the listed minors during FFANDALL Activities and used.
17.	This Waiver and Consent applies forever, for any date in the future including today's date, that I or the listed minors may attend at FFANDALL activities, and is further binding on the heirs, representatives and estates of the undersigned and minors.
18.	I understand and agree that all services and facilities offered and/or provided by FFANDALL must be utilised in a safe and responsible manner. I acknowledge that FFANDALL reserves the right (in its sole and absolute discretion) to suspend or cancel any person’s access to any FFANDALL Activities and/or any FFANDALL Facilities, without refund or compensation, for non-compliance with any of FFANDALL's Terms & Conditions, directions, instructions or requests, for any unsafe, reckless or careless conduct, to ensure the safety, security or order at FFANDALL activities or if FFANDALL considers that the circumstances so require.
19.	I, for myself and/or for the listed minors as their parent, legal guardian, custodian, or other duly authorised agent, have carefully read this Waiver and Consent, fully understand its terms, and sign it freely and voluntarily.
20.	I understand that I, and the listed minors, have given up substantial rights by signing it, and agree to be bound by its terms for myself and on behalf of the listed minors. I understand that I have the right and responsibility to inspect the equipment and facilities prior to events and, if I believe that anything may be unsafe, I will advise the coach or manager of the condition and may refuse to participate. Participation assumes consent.
21.	I certify and confirm that the information I have entered is accurate and true.

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