About Us

From June 2019, we are OneFF.

Why the Change?

An unpleasant moment usually leads to emotionally-fuelled ideas. In this case, to start a floorball team from scratch.

A team where all girls would feel they belonged. A place they could learn to play floorball. Regardless of their background, sporting or not. And in a safe, welcoming environment.

But it was 2010. Singapore only had one floorball court. We had no money. No players. Perhaps the worst- no WhatsApp.

Boy did we beat the odds. I pay tribute to our ‘misfit’ but courageous pioneers. Together, we committed to the cause.

In court, our club reached the Premiership and the national team. Out of court, we played a big part in sharing our brand of FunFloorball to the community.

10 years on, we have set new goals. We see new gaps to Floorball-Fill.

As always, we will make a diFFerence. As always, we will do it as one team. OneFF.

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