Back2Floorball Modified League

The Singapore Floorball Association is organising a tournament starting on the weekend of 6 March. The game format is a first for the floorball fraternity.

You can get more details on the SFA website at this link.

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Teams joining the Back2Floorball League


  1. THORB Tribe
  2. Skools Innebandy
  3. Blackfox FC
  4. SUTD
  5. NiuB
  6. Salibandy Perhe Wolves
  8. Jansenites Floorball Club
  9. RHooster
  10. Blacks Innebandy
  11. Antigua Hyenas
  12. Nemesis
  13. Merahans
  14. AINOS
  15. NUS Saints
  16. Black Wondersticks
  17. Black Wondersticks Youth
  18. Tampines Changkat Lynx
  19. Tampines Changkat Lynx 2
  20. Argo-NTN1
  21. SMNT1
  22. SMNT2


  1. Cosmos Ladies Floorball Club
  2. Athena Flamingos
  3. West Coast Cripz
  4. SpartaNova
  5. Katana FC
  6. Girls Gather (SUTD)
  7. OneFF
  8. Wonder Belles
  9. VE Belles
  10. Tempest
  11. Jolliballers
  12. NUS Jupitans
  13. NUS Titans FC
  14. Black Wondersticks Ladies
  15. Tampines Changkat Cheetahs
  16. Team U Sports Liitto Floorball Club

Floorball is back!

Floorballers can now book a slot at ActiveSG Courts on weekends or at Red Quarters (RQ).

You can use this link to book a session at RQ: https://t.ly/redquartersbooking

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